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Born in Sorengo, Switzerland, in 1981, Simona grew up in Bidogno. Having tackled the use of colour, form and different artistic techniques at an art school (CSIA Lugano), she started to study photography, discovering the charm and the joy of painting with light. Capturing the moment has always been her central interest. Guided by her passion, Simona decided to continue sharing her vision of the world through film and continued her studies in the medium of video at SUPSI in Lugano. At ECAL, in Lausanne, she specialised in direction and on 1 July 2010 received her MA in film, HES-SO. She continues to work in this area, and to develop her love of image and communication. She has made several short films, all of which are both intense and full of humanity. She recently completed her first feature film, the documentary “Jugando con los pajaros.”

  • Jugando con los pajaros”, 2014, Documentary, 88 min., color, HDV, Mexico
  • con la licencia de Dios”, 2010, Documentary, 26 min., color, DVCam, Mexico
  • la visita ”,2009, Documentary, 14.30 min., color, minidv, Mexico
  • Danza Improvvisa”, 2006, Film-Dance, 18.30 min., color, minidv, Switzerland

  • Awards “con la licencia de Dios ”
  • Intragna, Film Festival Centovalli, Miglior Cortometraggio Ticinese 2012
  • Lisboa, doclisboa Festival Internacional de Cinema Documental, Best International Short Film Award 2011
  • Nyon, Visions du Réel, Prix Loterie Romande section Premiers Pas 2011